Weekly Lists

Does anyone else love lists as much as I do?  I love ones that I can cross off too.  Accomplishment is everything in my world.

  • Tonight is the last episode of the Office with Michael Scott.  I'm definitely a Janey-come-lately to the Office, but I watch it every night (thanks to syndication) and I just don't know how it will be without him.  Mr. Scott, we hardly knew ye.
  • After reading Smitten Kitchen all morning (my to-do list was short and I was productive, I promise), I now want to make lots of good food and blog about it.  That probably won't happen, especially in my baby kitchen.  But once we move and I have a real kitchen, I'm so there.
  • My mom went to a quilt shop yesterday and I was insanely jealous.  It still bothers me that DC doesn't have one and, even if I wanted to take on that endeavor now instead of waiting, I could never afford the rent.  Sigh.  Eventually, I suppose.  I just like to look at fabric.
  • Speaking of fabric, does anyone know where I can find some Cloud 9 Beyond the Sea fabric?  I'm dying for it.  Especially this print:
  • Finally, I've decided what my problem is, and I think it's the main problem that relates to all other problems.  I want to do everything.  I want to blog and have people read about it--but I want to blog about food and I want to blog about fabric and on and on.  I want to open a fabric store.  I want to get married--or do I?  I want to be single--and I want to have a family--or not!  I want to live in Paris, no, Charlotte, no, Boston, no, Portland, no, Oxford, no, Savannah.  I want to be successful and a stay-at-home mom.  I want a wedding and I want to elope.  It's completely ridiculous how mixed up I am, and I think that's why I'm so itchy for time to pass.  People, it's almost May!  I've lived here for four months!  This is crazy!
  • Oh, speaking of, I'm considering two classes: Mastering Macarons at Sur La Table in Arlington and a letterpress class at the Pyramid Atlantic Art Center right down the road from me in beautiful Silver Spring.  Anyone have an opinion?  They're a bit pricey so I'm not taking them lightly.

Yay, tomorrow's Friday!  Yaaaaay.  (le sigh.)