A Tova For Market

Last week, Michelle Engel-Bencsko from Cloud9 Fabrics  asked on Twitter if anyone had time to make her a Tova for Quilt Market (this week!).  I thought it'd be fun, but also realized there are way more talented sewers out there who would jump at the chance.  Then. about 30 minutes later, I saw the same question pop up on the Cloud9 Facebook page.  I took it as a sign and emailed her about it.

Michelle still needed someone (yay!) and she would provide the fabric from her new Simpatico line, which hasn't yet started shipping.  She would need it in New Jersey by May 15th.  I thought, sure, I can do that!  Honestly, I was so excited to sew with new, unreleased fabric and to sew for someone who is huge in the sewing community.  I use a lot of Cloud9 Fabrics and love them, so this was a dream.

I prewashed and cut the fabric last Thursday.  I knew I wanted to have it shipped by Friday, and because I work from home on Fridays, this wouldn't ordinarily be a problem, so I planned to start sewing it soon after getting up.  However, I didn't realize Friday would be such a busy work day--there were so many emails coming in and so much to take care of!  I would check email, reply with whatever was needed, sew until I hear the Outlook notification go off again, and repeat...all day.  And because Nicholas bought a new turntable and amp that were holding the kitchen table hostage, I worked from the floor of my dining room all day.  I think my thigh muscles are officially toned from all the squatting I did.

But it paid off!  I finished it Friday afternoon, showered, and ran up to the Post Office to ship it.  However, I hardly had time to take pictures.  I took only one two email to Michelle and let her know it was on its way and I wasn't making off with the fabric.

If you ever feel like stressing yourself out, just offer to sew something for Quilt Market!  I kept thinking, the thousands of people who see it aren't everyday folks--they sew and they know what a Tova's supposed to look like, so this better be good!  I'm already a ball of nerves for no reason everyday, so adding that thought on top of everything else just made me nauseous.

However, despite my anxiety, I had a good time with it!  It's fun to know that something I made will be on display at such a large tradeshow.  I've never been able to say that before!  I hope Michelle likes it too.  

(PS, I promise the hem is even.  That picture looks ridiculous.)