New Beginnings

It's really funny to me how blogs are such a big deal in my life.  I read them every morning and night, I make friends through them, and I write for them.  It's this little space on the internet but it weighs pretty heavily on me, in both good ways and bad.

For the past month or so, I haven't felt connected to Lemony Fresh anymore.  It seemed too cutesy for me, and I didn't know that the title was something I wanted connected to my name anymore.  Emily Sposetta, author of Lemony Fresh...yeah.  I just don't associate that with my sewing, my crafting, or even my life.

I talked with Nick about this for, like, two hours.  I needed a new blog name.  I'm not good with names, though.  I was terrible with paper titles in college and I'm pretty bad at blog titles too.  Nick suggested names having to do with Charlotte, the Queen City.  I loved Queen City Craft, but there's a craft show in Vermont with the same name, and they already own the URL.  I also liked Queen City Stitch, but it sounded more like a command than a description.

Finally, I decided on Queen City Stitcher.  We live here now, and plan on living here until we retire, at the earliest.  We really love Charlotte, even though we've been residents for only a month (and not at all in the eyes of the DMV--that'll come in the new year, I guess), and I need to adopt my new city as I didn't my old city.

I'm hoping the new name and look help with some inspiration.  As I said in my last post, I'm ready to look at other aspects of my life than sewing.  We're new here, and it'll be fun to explore the city and document more than what I wore that was handmade.  2013 is going to be a really fresh, new year, in a new city and a new marital status.  My blog, as little as it may seem, needs to reflect that.

So long story short, I spend way too much time thinking about my blog.  But I hope you'll stick around while I figure this chapter out.  Thanks for being there so far!