Coq au Vin

Every fall I make Ina Garten's coq au vin.  Even though cooking six nights a week takes a lot of meal ideas, I only make this in the fall (I'm an extremely seasonal cook) (except when I get a craving for chicken tortilla soup in July).  Nick looks forward to it every year, and I think that's partly because he knows beef bourguignon isn't too far behind, as a winter dish.

I like cooking on Sundays because I'm never rushed.  Chances are I haven't had a terrible day and I'm not exhausted from work and the chicken isn't still frozen, despite spending time overnight in the fridge.  I can take my time, start cooking at 3 if I want, have a glass of wine while measuring ingredients.  I can turn on music and catch up on Instagram after I put it in the oven.  It's very low-key but Sundays are some of our best meals.

I didn't get a picture of the finished coq au vin, because I know some people are weird about meat, which is fine with me.  We had it with homemade garlic bread and we shared a Napoleon after dinner.  I had a glass of wine which hit me like a ton of bricks (my college self is so embarrassed) and I washed dishes while Nick ate more bread.  I like Sundays.