NaKniSweMo: Planning

Have you heard of NaKniSweMo?  When I was in college, the other English majors all went crazy for NaNoWriMo (I've never wanted to commit to more than a blog so a novel was way out of my comfort zone) but I just recently heard about National Knit a Sweater Month and of course have to participate.  I love sweaters, knitting and challenges.  It's perfect!

I can't start knitting until November 1, so I took some time today to gather my supplies and make sure I have everything.  I'm using SweetGeorgia Superwash Worsted in Slate which I bought last year at Eat Sleep Knit.  It's amazing how much your stash goes down when you take out seven skeins for a sweater!  

I did my gauge swatch today, which I really can't recommend enough.  I know people balk at swatches, but what's worse: knitting a small rectangle for an hour or spending the month of November knitting a sweater only to find out it won't fit?  It's just practical.  If you've never knit a gauge swatch before, this tutorial from Tin Can Knits is the one I used when I knit my first sweater.  I'm using a Tin Can Knits' pattern for NaKniSweMo, Harvest from their Simple Collection.

This should be a great sweater and I'm looking forward to how versatile it'll be when it's finished.  Gray!  Stockinette!  Cardigan!  Everything I love!  I'll be updating on my progress every Thursday, and you can follow my progress on Ravelry.  I want to see what sweaters you knit too!