NaKniSweMo: Week 2 (Warning: Selfies Ahead!)

It's nearly the middle of November, so theoretically I should have nearly half of this sweater done, correct?  Unfortunately, that's not the way things are working out.  While I've made decent progress - I can try it on finally! - I'm still in the neck increases and it barely clears my bra when trying it on.

I'll own up to it: I cast on a pair of mitts last weekend, which diverted my attention, and this week has just been craziness of work and getting sick.  I was able to knit in training, but I chose to work on Nick's socks instead of this sweater.  So I need to get moving!

I'm on my second ball now and I'm amazed at how quickly 200 yards flies by.  After working on fingering projects for so long, I expect cakes to last forever.  Worsted is amazing!

How's your NaKniSweMo progress?