Finished: Pogona Shawl

I wasn't going to participate in the Eat Sleep Knit Q4 challenge because I'm not a fan of Stephen West, but once I saw Jeni B.'s Pogona, and I saw this skein of yarn in my stash, I figured it couldn't hurt.  Anything for Team Fiber Monkey, right?

This was a super simple shawl, but it used just about every stitch marker I had.  Trying to keep 16 stitch markers on my needles when the shawl was just beginning was a feat.  It paid off, though, as any shift in increases or garter-to-stockinette would be easily noticed in this design.

I haven't used a crazy variegated yarn like this for a shawl in a long time.  I do prefer yarns that are dyed much more randomly; I like to see the surprise of color when speckles or random stripes are used.  This got fairly monotonous but I did love seeing the slight variations in color depth.  The yarn really softened up after blocking too.  I don't typically knit with straight BFL--usually it has some bit of nylon or merino in it--and I was surprised at how rough and raw it felt.  I'm used to slick, soft yarns, and this BFL surprised me at first.  I'm really happy with how it blocked though.

I guess this is considered more of a shawlette than a shawl, which is fine with me.  I promptly put it on after taking pictures (I wasn't prepared for the cold morning and still had yarn to photograph) and it perfectly fit kerchief-style on my neck and shoulders.  It'll be great for this time of year, when it's cold enough to require a scarf but not so cold that I really have to bundle up.

Pattern: Stephen West Pogona Shawl / Yarn: Blue Moon Fiber Arts BFL Superwash Fingering in Free-Range Chickens (purchased at Eat Sleep Knit)