Plucky Knitter Obsession

Plucky Feet in Cornucopia, Cider Mill, Old Copper and Sticky Toffee

Plucky Single in Peep Toes, Modern Vintage, Grandma Bev and French Laundry

I recently became a Plucky Knitter devotee.  I stayed away for a long time because the infamous blog updates made me anxious: there's a limited number of skeins, and a million Plucky Knitter fans--they sell out in a manner of minutes, so you better know what you want right away.  The Etsy updates are another beast entirely.

But I was eventually successful and ordered my first set of Plucky yarns in September, arriving in October.  Plucky Feet is a very tightly-plied yarn, perfect for socks but better for lacy shawls (which is what I have planned!).  The fall colors already make me excited for next fall, when I can wear an autumnal Kalimna shawl or Raven's Nest Shawl.

I was able to order in an October update as well, but this time I wanted to try Plucky Single, a merino/silk fingering-weight blend.  Again--it will make beautiful shawls!  (A twenty-first century woman can never have enough shawls.)  I know I want to make an Ooh La Lace shawlette from the French Laundry skein, of course, but I'm going to wait to decide on the others.  They're all so beautiful and I haven't worked with silk.  I'm excited to see how that blocks out.

I ordered a gradient set in the update last week and have a few things planned for that: a striped shawl, a gradient Ashburn.   The colors are so vibrant and unique, I can't say no.  The worst part is waiting for the yarn to arrive.