Finished: Fancy Fox Quilt

Once upon a time, I made at least one quilt each month, start to finish.  I used up a ton of stash and tried new techniques.  I dabbled in free-motion quilting and tried cathedral windows.

Then I met knitting and decided to spend more time with yarn in my hands and less time at my sewing machine.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is the first full-size (non-baby) quilt I've made in 2014.  I went almost an entire year without finishing a large quilt.

But, instead of dwelling on my shortcomings, let's talk about the positives: this adorable quilt.  I'm normally not a fox-lover but I just really liked the Fancy Fox pattern from the first time I saw it.  Then I ordered Hadley and figured the two were destined for each other.  Hadley is sort-of fallish (more fallish than, say, Flea Market Fancy) and foxes tend to pop up on everything in the fall, as a trip to Target will remind you.  I immediately tagged the FQ set for this pattern.

I used Essex linen in Olive for the background, which I really love.  I tend to default to Flax, so Olive is a great neutral option when I don't want to use Flax.  I'm in a phase where I want to use textures for backgrounds.  It's not as bold as low-volume prints, but it's more interesting than just using solid quilting cotton.  It's also very cozy!

The quilt is backed in Robert Kaufman pindot chambray.  I originally bought that 3.5 yards for a dress earlier this summer.  I meant to make the dress before the Indie Craft Parade...and then I told myself I'd make it before my cousin's wedding...and then I said I'd make it before Halloween.  Well, if you leave something sitting around long enough it's eventually not going to be what you originally planned.  Hence, the backing for this quilt.  Honestly, it worked perfectly.  It was the exact width I needed to quilt and I had very little left over in scraps.  Destiny.  The binding is two prints from Denyse Schmidt's 2013 Florence, which coordinate very well.

I quilted it with Aurifil 50 wt in 2240, Rusty Orange.  Hawthorne Threads suggested this for Hadley and it is spot-on, despite my original worry that it'd be too dark.  It blends really well with the Essex (another benefit of a textured background) and doesn't stand out too much with the foxes.  I pieced everything in this color for ease and I'm so happy with how it turned out.  I quilted diagonal lines 1" apart.  I had all intentions of free-motioning this baby, but I realized I hate FMQ so straight lines it was!

My cats were all over this while I was quilting and you can see Schnoz on it above.  Apparently it's a pet quilt.  I can't wait to wait TV under it!