Handmade Christmas Gifts

Now that all gifts have been opened, I can share some of the handmade gifts I made for Christmas this year!  I don't typically go crazy with handmade things because I don't know too many people who would truly appreciate it (and there's really nothing worse than getting a half-confused "Thanks?" for a handmade gift).  I can always count on my friend Elizabeth and my mom to like my handmade gifts, though, so I focused on them this year.

I made Elizabeth the Trillian shawl by Martina Behm using Miss Babs Cosmic in Neon Lights, a true non-repeatable Babette.  It was a fun, fast knit as most of Martina's are: garter stitch, some yarnovers, and poof, you're done!  I loved watched the different colors pop up.  Solid and striped yarns certainly have their place, but speckled and randomly-dyed yarns will always have my heart.  This shawl accompanied Elizabeth's duffle bag (for QuiltCon!) and Noodlehead Trail Tote, neither of which I managed to photograph.  My Ravelry notes for Trillian are here.

My mom got a Traveling Woman shawl by Liz Abinate in Madelinetosh Tosh Merino Light in Tart.  I'd been thinking about making this for a few months, since my parents decided to become fulltime RV'ers and she'd actually be a traveling woman, and using Tart was a no-brainer.  Can I say again how much I love this yarn?  TML is sticky and slubby until you block it...and then it's a shawl-ful of heaven.  Seriously, I blocked this thing twice to get it to the right shape (the BO was loose and the stitches looked awful the first time) and TML just rolled with it.  It was so light and airy and that red is gorgeous, even though I'm not a red person.  I loved it!  My Ravelry notes for Traveling Woman are here.

So another Christmas is over and I'm really only sad about it when I go to Target and continue hearing Andy Williams playing in the seasonal department.  It was a really quiet holiday here, with just me and Nick as I was working all week, and being home with him has been relaxing, even though I've been focused on work.  I didn't make copious amounts of cookies and our big Christmas feast was two dry-aged steaks and Hasselback potatoes, but I enjoyed it.  I like to go all-out for Christmas, but instead of dwelling on that, I tried to remember that this may be one of our last Christmases with just the two of us, as you never know what will happen, so we should just have fun and enjoy being calm for a while.

How was your Christmas?  Did you make anything for your family and friends?