NaKniSweMo: Final Progress

I'm sorry for the yellow pictures--I wanted to share my latest progress, but winter is not kind to the amateur photographer.

I skipped a few progress posts on NaKniSweMo because, well, there was no progress to share.  November was an incredibly busy month for us: I was sick for a few weeks, we had to make an emergency trip to Florida, and we had guests at the house for Thanksgiving.  While I am not a fan of excuses, I will say that all of these together led to very little progress on my sweater.

Unfortunately, I'm not even done with the body, and we're officially into December.  However, I will say that I appreciate the push NaKniSweMo gave me: I've had this yarn in my stash for over a year, and if I hadn't had a challenge and a goal in mind, it'd probably still be there.  I also want to note that I will definitely finish this sweater, and I'm working on it at the moment.  I'm hoping to have it done before it gets too cold in Charlotte, which typically isn't until January.  Then I'll need all the wool I can get!

Harvest from Tin Can Knits is truly a great pattern; just when you think you're tired of stockinette, you switch to garter and bind off a bit later.  The increases are so well done, and there are so many possibilities with this sweater.  You could make it in any color, throw on a button or a shawl pin, add stripes or colorwork: anything is possible.  I'm so excited to have it in my closet when I'm done.

How did your NaKniSweMo go?