Finished: Noodlehead Envelope Clutch

I studied English and art history in college, which should tell you right now that I'm pretty old-fashioned.  Old-fashioned? you might think.  But, Emily, didn't you get married at a jail?  Yeah, I did, and how you know that about me is a little odd, but the majority of my hobbies and loves aren't the most modern.  I don't even own a microwave, for Pete's sake.  Of course, seeing as it's 2015, sometimes the future sneaks in and I have to just surrender.

I'm going to QuiltCon next week and am looking forward to the chance to read on the plane.  I know I don't have children and barely have a reason to complain, but with a schanuzer, a husband, a full-time job, and competing priorities, reading just doesn't get done.  I also had a falling out with reading after the aforementioned English degree, so I was really looking forward to the chance to get back to a lifelong love of mine.  And then I saw just how much books cost.  And I remembered that one book I wanted to read was over 400 pages.  And I wondered how I would knit and turn pages at the same time when I can barely balance a book in both hands most days (I never quite developed those hand-eye skills most babies have - I'm still working on it).  So I thought, why not an e-Reader? With that thought, all my professors who loved the smell of old books and relished forgotten notes in the margin probably felt an odd pang in their stomachs, and had no idea why.  It even hurt me a bit to admit it.  I had to ask Nick if it was okay to buy one, and he was surprised I even mentioned it.

After a few obsessed hours, I pulled the plug and bought a Kindle Fire.  It's magenta!  How cute.  But it couldn't be naked!  So I had to make a case for it.  I remembered that I always wanted to make the Noodlehead Envelope Clutch, but never had a reason to.  It's too big for an everyday wallet, but too small for an everyday purse, and we never go anywhere that merits using a clutch, because we're incredibly boring.  The small clutch size was perfect for my Kindle, and it took very little fabric, so I knew I'd have something in my stash to fit the bill.  Being such a small project, I also knew I could finish it before QuiltCon, even with a chest cold that won't go away.

I wanted to use canvas for the outside, and originally went for my Nursery Versery stash, but nothing worked with the dimensions I needed.  I've had this Melody Miller Viewmasters fabric forever, and it's one of my absolute favorite prints--I'm so glad it's in the new Cotton + Steel line because I really can't get enough.  Speaking of Cotton + Steel, I grabbed two prints to use as the lining and pocket--Rashida Coleman-Hale, Kim Kight, and Melody Miller all go so well together, even though none of these fabrics were released during the same season.  A stashed zipper and magnetic snap finished it off.  In under two hours, I had a cushioned case for Pinky!

I started reading Delancey by Molly Wizenberg on my Kindle yesterday and I'm so happy with it.  I can't wait to pull it out on the plane Wednesday!  And now I don't have to worry about breaking my Kindle in my bag.  If you have any book recommendations, I'm wide open!  I have a list about a mile long, but I have a feeling I'll be reading more now!

Pattern: Envelope Clutch by Anna Graham / Fabric used: Ruby Star Rising Viewmasters in Teal by Melody Miller (exterior), Cookie Book Cookie Cutters in Cinnamon by Kim Kight (interior), Moonlit Meet Your Match in Goldenrod by Rashida Coleman-Hale (pocket)