Mom's Birthday Shawl

My mom swears up and down that her favorite color is red.  She has been claiming this for as long as I can remember--red, red, red.  Buy her red.  And yet, regardless of where she lives, she always paints at least one room in a light blue-gray color, almost the opposite of red given how calming and cool it is.  She buys jewelry and clothing in this color, and it matches her eyes.  For that, I think my mom is a liar, but it's her birthday, so I won't call her that to her face.

The Plucky Knitter Blues Club colorway last fall was Lake Placid, a light blue-gray color, the color of lakes in winter with lots of ice on top.  Or the color of my guest room walls (which my mom painted).  I didn't subscribe to this club, but when I saw the color, I knew I had to buy it and make my mom something from it.  It's her color.  Despite what she says.

Once I got the skein (and color-matched it to my walls--what a surprise), there was no question what I would make with it.  The Pebble Beach Shawlette (by Helen Stewart) reminded me of my mom too, and I knew it would look perfect in this yarn.  My parents are traveling to Vermont for the summer and early fall this year, so although my mom loves big shawls she can wrap in, I thought she would need something smaller to keep her and George (their pup) warm during chilly nights.  It's cold in Vermont, right?  It's not the South, so I figure it must be.

I'm in Florida, where it is decidedly not cold and won't be for a long time, for my brother's wedding.  It's my mother's birthday, and I hope she likes her new silky shawl that reminded me of her with every stitch.  She's also getting flowers from us.  Flowers are a must on birthdays.

Happy birthday, Mom!  I love you and will miss you while you're in Vermont, but I feel better knowing I outed your true favorite color to the world.

Pattern: Pebble Beach Shawlette by Helen Stewart / Yarn: Plucky Knitter Single in Lake Placid (Knittin' the Blues Fall 2014) / Ravelry notes