Finished: Catnap Quilt

Finally!  The quilt I've been working on for over a year is done!

I started this Catnap quilt before we even started looking for a house last year.  In fact, I think I bought Catnap around Christmas 2013, which is probably when I started cutting the quilt.  So it's definitely been a while!  

Castle Treasury is an interesting quilt.  I wouldn't say hard, because quilting isn't hard; brain surgery is hard.  Quilting is easy.  But it's complicated.  There are lots of little pieces, and you have the option to cut on the bias (I did not, because I value my sanity), which can cause stretching and ease issues.  There are very specific instructions for cutting, piecing, and sashing.  But, it's the rare quilt where, once you're done with all those endless steps, you can look at it and really feel accomplished, moreso than any other quilt.  And I've made a lot of quilts.

It makes me sad that I didn't finish Catnap Castle Treasury sooner.  I was downright giddy as it came together on my sewing room floor!  All it took was the QuiltCon push to get me going on it again, and then I was truly off.  I just got on a roll with it, and started piecing any chance I got.  Before I knew it, I had a quilt top, and then a quilt sandwich.  And then the real challenge began.

While I've free-motion quilted a few things (a very few things), I've never quilted anything like this.  Meaning, I've never tortured myself by quilting hundreds of thousands of pebbles into white fabric with green thread.  It took me a very long time, and a lot of thread: 15 hours, at least 20 bobbins, and 1+ full spool of Aurifil.  You can watch my quilting get better from the top corner all the way to the bottom, if I were to ever let you get that close.

I'm so happy this is done.  I don't have a spot for it yet, but it's just such an accomplishment!  I'll have another quilt to share this week, and I'm also trying to get a couple quilts done for the April Crinklelove sale, though that may be pushing it.  What have you been sewing?

Pattern: Castle Treasury by Lizzy House / Fabric used: Catnap by Lizzy House (prints), coordinating solids, Jewels by Lizzy House (binding), Metallic Pearl Bracelets by Lizzy House (backing), Hawthorne Threads Hues (background)