Moda Modern Building Blocks (Part Two)

More Modern Building Blocks!  I'm making good progress on these - I've only had to set aside one block so far due to fabric uncertainty.  You know how sometimes, you plan a block and it looks great, but when you cut everything and lay it out something's off?  That's going on with Block 3.  I'm hoping that if I leave it to the end it'll figure itself out.

I should note--because I can't remember if I did last week--that I'm sewing these section by section, so these blocks are Sections C and F.  Section F is entirely six-inch blocks and I'm loving them.  What's cuter than a one-inch fussy-cut square?  Nothing.  Nothing is cuter.

I've now completed over half of the 48 blocks and I'm wondering if I should start sewing the sections together!  That's not as fun as sewing the tiny blocks, but it has to be done.  I have a stack of 25 finished blocks just hanging out near my design wall - they deserve some attention, right?

I had to cut myself off from working on these after work at night because nothing else was getting done.  They're addictive!  I'm not sure I'd feel the same way if I hadn't chosen fabric I love so much, but the Heather Ross factor definitely helps me lose myself in them.  For someone who only made one quilt last year, I'm definitely getting my sewing groove back with this project.