In Progress: A Bear Paw Quilt

I think it's inevitable for most quilters to get started on a quilt as soon as they think of it.  Usually we have other projects going on, projects that are nearly done or which have a due date, and we make notes of our ideas, thinking someday we'll get to it.  Sometimes those ideas are replaced with better ideas, sometimes we actually get around to them.

I had this idea years ago.  I bought the Lush Uptown re-release within a week of us getting married, and our second anniversary is in two weeks.  It sat in my stash that long because I had this idea and I just never had the time to get to it - another quilt always wanted my attention.  And I was hopelessly stuck on the background color.  And I couldn't find a decent bear paw tutorial, because the math was just too much for me.  So the fabric sat and I just kept thinking, "I'll get around to it.  I'll do it someday.  And it'll be a great quilt."

QuiltCon really kicked me into high gear and I wanted to cross quilts off of my "someday" list.  This was a high priority, especially with another Erin Michael fabric line coming out this fall.  I knew I didn't have that much room in my stash so I'd have to cut down.  It was time.

I don't want to bore you with too many technical details, but I'm using this tutorial from Fat Quarter Shop for the blocks, but I'm planning on making the blocks pretty scrappy as you can see in the first picture, rather than making each block in the same fabric, which was my original plan.  Gotta step out of the box just a bit!

This doesn't really have a due date, so I like working on it for a few hours on the weekend, sewing a few blocks, chain-piecing a bunch of HSTs, ironing while it rains outside.  2015 has been the year of favorites, so sewing with my favorite fabrics is turning into a pleasure, rather than a race to the finish line.  But, of course, that next quilt is always in the back of my mind.