In Progress: Farmer's Wife 1930s Quilt (Part 2)

Ann and Anne

April and Augusta

Aunt and Autumn

Aunt and Autumn

I'm still moving along on my Farmer's Wife blocks!  These are blocks 4-9, in that order.  I'm out of town next weekend at the Charleston Lizzy House Meadow class (yay!) so I decided to double-up yesterday and make up for lost time.

So far there haven't been any issues with the blocks, thankfully.  I'm getting faster as I do more, and even experimenting with some fussy cutting, as you can see above.  Fussy cutting paper-pieced blocks isn't nearly as easy to me as regular blocks, so I leave myself some wiggle room to move the fabric around before sewing it down.  Unfortunately that results in some wasted fabric but I guess I'd rather have that than an ugly block.

I've started laying out and organizing my blocks five at a time.  This saves some time in the process, as I don't have to stop and find coordinating fabrics between each block - I just pull the next set off the pile and get cutting!  It's less spontaneous but I appreciate organization more than spontaneity so it works for me.

At this point, I'm nine blocks in and starting to wonder when I'll have to start repeating fabrics.  I have a very sizable Cotton + Steel stash, even without the Halloween and Christmas collections, but each block takes 2-3 prints so I move through the piles pretty quickly!  This is a long-term project, of course, and I'm hoping to be able to incorporate C+S Fall and Spring collections before I have to start repeating.  Fingers crossed!

I'm heading out Friday so today I'm packing up my machine and my fabric and making sure I have everything together for Meadow.  I have a feeling once I start on Meadow I won't want to stop.  Sorry to all my projects in advance!