Finished: Fresh Mini Quilt Club, Month 1

My first Fresh Mini Club mini quilt is done!  This club is released on the first of the month for six months and I'm happy to report this was quilted and bound within a week of receiving the pattern.  It makes me so happy to hear that!

You might remember I joined this club as an effort to do some stash busting.  I'm not sure that this quilt helped too much, but I was able to use lots of fabric I've had in my stash for years.  I had a lot of fun piecing it too, especially when I had all the pieces laid out on my floor and Schnoz knocked them all apart while trying to grab a rawhide.  That's a typical situation in my life.

All the prints on the front are Heather Ross scraps I had leftover from my Modern Building Blocks quilt, with Essex linen thrown in for good measure (always).  I backed this with an Elizabeth Olwen print from Grey Abbey, and bound it in the same Heather Bailey I chose for my Modern Building Blocks.  Nothing new was purchased for this, including the thread and the batting.

I decided to expand my quilting horizons a bit and quilt this in a spiral.  Elizabeth told me how to do it while we were at QuiltCon: trace something round (like a plate) and quilt out from there, and then use your FMQ foot to do the inside circles.  Things got a little rowdy with my FMQ - quilting large circles with it isn't the easiest thing to do.  Don't look too closely!

Everything is quilted with Aurifil 50 wt in 2805 from the Simplify collection.  I bought that Aurifil set as a splurge two years ago and it has saved me many times - I use those colors for just about everything and it turned out to be a great purchase.

I'm excited to receive the next pattern and add to my mini wall - the one quilt looks very lonely up there!  It definitely needs some friends.