In Progress: Farmer's Wife 1930s

Have you heard of the new Farmer's Wife 1930s book?  I'm a huge fan of the 1920s book (I made a mini a few years ago but a full-size quilt has always been on my radar) and knew I had to pick up the new book.  I also saw there were a few QALs floating around and thought they would help with inspiration!

I'm going with the paper piecing method and I'm using all Cotton + Steel fabrics.  I've been stashing their lines since they debuted and have a large amount in my fabric closet!  The only fabrics I'm not using in these blocks are the holiday lines (Spellbound and Tinsel) and any alternate substrates.  That'll just make it easier to quilt when it's done.

I'm really enjoying these but the blocks take forever!  I completed the first two, Addie and Aimee, Friday night in a short three hours.  The third block, Alice, took several hours itself because there are so many tiny pieces.  It's not a quick project, that's for sure.

I'm hoping to complete two blocks a week, and feel like I'm already ahead with three done!  I need to come up with a good storage plan, as there are 99 blocks total, but I'm in no rush.  I really like using C+S in this project - I plan to have enough leftover to make a 1920s version with the fabric too!