Farmer's Wife 1930 Blocks (Still Happening)

Over a year ago I last picked up my Farmer's Wife 1930 blocks.  I had originally intended to make it a year-long project and finish by this point, but then I got pregnant and spent that year either exhausted, nauseous or swollen, and things fell by the wayside.  I have wanted to get back into quilting lately, after just admiring everyone from the sidelines, and now that Liesl isn't sleeping solely on me I took advantage of her naptime.

I had nine blocks from last year waiting, and instead of taking on the entire book, I decided to scale down and choose 16 for a baby quilt.  Possibly 20 - and four will go on the back.  I'm still working through that.  I sewed these five this weekend: Bonnie, Caroline, Charlotte, Hope and Judy.  There are two more sitting on my cutting table, along with several new cuts of Cotton + Steel to choose from.

I was definitely out of practice when it came to piecing these - my points are a bit off in several blocks.  I was also very tired, as you can see in Charlotte; I didn't notice that upper corner mistake until Sunday morning, and by then I didn't care enough to rip it out and start over.  It's fine.  Liesl will never know the difference and, honestly, a little mistake here and there isn't enough to break my heart.

Of course, now that I'm paper piecing again, and remembering how much I love it, I'm thinking of making another baby quilt with some Farmer's Wife 1920 blocks and some other stash.  Maybe Lizzy House, or the new Rifle Paper Company for Cotton + Steel?  I like breaking into my hoarded stash.  As pretty as it all looks on the shelves, it's even better in a block.