Finished: Old Growth Sweater

I've been rolling through sweaters for Liesl, trying to get as much knitting done before she decides she hates everything handmade and only wants the designer clothes her friends have.  (I'm sure that sounds familiar to my mother.)  I'm stocking up on sweaters, hats, gloves, in all different sizes, trying to get ahead of her growing.

This is the Old Growth Sweater from Tin Can Knits, something I originally wanted to knit for myself but is a lot cuter shrunken down.  That happens a lot these days, where I find a sweater I love and notice it has a child's size pattern - and then Liesl gets the sweater.  It saves me time and money, as her sweaters take a fraction of the yarn mine would.

Speaking of yarn, this is Plucky Trusty in Green Goddess, which seems to be the perfect name for it.  It's a little technicolor - reminds me of moss, of avocados split open, of kale with green goddess dressing (duh).  I love the tonality and how vibrant it is, perfect for a fall sweater when it's crisp and everything is still changing but not brown yet.  Liesl's hair is sort of red, mostly blonde, and I think it'll look good with her coloring when she's a bit older.  I bought it to make myself a shawl, but after the lace numbers didn't add up for rows, I frogged it and repurposed.  It's much better as a sweater than yet another shawl.

I have another sweater on the needles for her, a fun one I hope she loves when she's a clever little toddler.  My next handful of projects are all for Liesl too.  Baby knits are so sweet and fast.  I better make as many as I can while she's small.

Pattern: Old Growth by Tin Can Knits / Yarn used: The Plucky Knitter Trusty in Green Goddess / Buttons from Pam's Finding on Etsy / Ravelry notes here