Finished: Stockinette Flax Sweater

I think this is the most fun sweater I've ever made.  Speckles that look like sprinkles - what could be better?

This is a Flax sweater by Tin Can Knits, a tried-and-true (hundreds, if not thousands, of projects on Ravelry agree) sweater pattern for Liesl.  I made it in a size 2-4 so she'll have plenty of time to grow into it.  But let's talk about the yarn, because that sweater pattern is pretty basic; the only thing I changed was to knit the sleeves in stockinette instead of garter, because speckles look better in stockinette.

This yarn is the Plucky ninth anniversary color, Sprinkles on Top.  It was a mystery colorway released in June and I passed on it for one reason or another (let's blame baby brain).  Once the spoiler pictures started popping up--speckles!  white background!  sprinkles!--I put out an immediate ISO in any base: I was desperate for at least one skein.  Someone contacted me offering her two skeins of Lodge Worsted, and while I was hesitant because I'd never worked with that base (a mix of cotton, silk, merino and flax), I replied during a 3 AM nursing session that I'd happily take it and PayPal her ASAP.  It had to become a sweater for Liesl, in a small enough size that she'd get a kick out of the colors and would still want to wear the clothes her mother made her.

I was so itchy to cast on this sweater!  I wanted to see the speckles--I was dying to!  When I finally did cast on, the sweater practically flew off my needles; it was my weekend project, meaning I'd work on it at night Friday-Sunday once Liesl went to bed, and I only worked on it four weekend nights before I was done.  I became obsessed with watching the colors change.  Thankfully I found it on another base and can knit with it again - this time for myself.

Let's talk about the yarn base.  Lodge Worsted is interesting.  I've never worked with anything but some form of animal fiber.  Despite living in the South, I'm a sheep/goat/yak devotee (alpaca is okay in a blend) and I'm not interested in cotton or linen.  Take it elsewhere!  I almost passed on this yarn because of that, but figured it'd be good for a little kid who may not appreciate cashmere like her parents.  (Who am I kidding?  The love of cashmere is embedded in her DNA.)  Overall I'd say it was better than expected, but I did notice the yarn didn't sproing like it usually does.  It was also a little...itchy?  I'm not sure what the word is.  Maybe dry?  I'm guessing that's the cotton.  The flax also made it a little slubby.  I don't know that I'd use it again, but I do enjoy the finished project, because it softened up considerably after blocking.

The worst thing about all these cute sweaters is that they're in toddler sizes and Liesl will only be five months on Monday.  I like to be prepared, I guess, and one day I'll pull out a ton of sweaters and will be ready for winter.  Which reminds me, I need to make her a hat in case cooler temperatures ever decide to show up.

Pattern: Flax Sweater by Tin Can Knits / Yarn used: The Plucky Knitter Lodge Worsted in Sprinkles on Top / Ravelry notes here